Ethically made in New Zealand

Closing the loop

My conscious closet means that I own pieces that I frequently wear, from places that I am proud to share. However, before I started to think about my conscious closet I would, without planning, complete a yearly clear out. Pieces that I no longer wanted to keep, I would clean, pack up and take to the charity bins. This made me feel I was able to send my pre-loved clothes to a good home, although does anyone else now get the same feeling of ‘dumping’ instead of giving? Especially when you see the overflowing charity bins?

There are wonderful people creating pre-loved stores, both brick and mortar and online. These stores are adding another loop to the circle. But now my question is, are people buying more than they need pre-loved just because it is cheaper? Where is it is being taken once they have then grown old of it? Selling it on again, back to the charity bins or to waste? 

As you are all aware the fashion industry is known for its large consumption of resources and production of waste. When designing Somers, I stopped to think about our impact on the environment by focussing on our closed loop processes. These involve the design, manufacturing and consideration of the care of the product for consumers to maximise usability and longevity. In addition, by making products reusable and repairable reduces waste and enables efficient water and energy use to help mitigate our environmental impacts.

Right from the beginning we are determined to make our take back programme functional. We offer our customers a voucher off their next purchase when they return a Somers piece that they may have fallen out of love with. Because change is a good thing, or as good as a holiday, right? We believe that taking responsibility for our clothing will allow our customers to feel confident that they know where they can send their pre-loved pieces, without guilt! 

It certainly is and will be a continuing project of ours to minimise and reduce our footprint. Not just with regards to garment waste, but to our day to day living. 


You make a decision every time you spend money. 

- Quality over quantity 

- Timeless designs over trends

- Invest in good quality basics

- Treat your clothes with care

- Know and define your own style 

- Do what makes you happy! 

 A great read is The Conscious Closet, written by Elizabeth L. Cline