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Firstly, we wanted to say hello and welcome. We are so glad you are here!

We are lucky to be creating Somers to believe in our people, our planet and our products. This allows us to make decisions that are meaningful, without having to go with the cheapest option. Creating an environment to surround ourselves in that we are incredibly proud to share with you all.  

Sustainable values have become an important part of our everyday lives. Personally, just over a year ago I began to look closer at how and where we were consuming - in general, food, waste, apparel etc. I do admit to using more than needed and certainly wish I became aware earlier in my adult life, although I was very fortunate to have a grounded upbringing where it was important to appreciate what you had. It is very easily to get lost along the way. No one is perfect and learning to make change (and sticking with it!) is a wonderful thing.

As I began to make the shift to a conscious wardrobe, I struggled to find New Zealand made garments that were neutral toned, simply designed, made with natural or recycled fabrics and would complement pieces already in my wardrobe.

A part of our ‘why’ behind Somers is to create an option for New Zealand women who already have, or are shifting to a conscious wardrobe, of affordable, ethical, New Zealand made clothes. Somers fills this gap! And of course, remains relatable to your sustainable values 🌍

Nothing changes without change! 2020 has certainly provided challenges to everyone, although we believe it has highlighted the importance of supporting local small businesses. Especially how they assist in building the community we spend our lives in.


Do you know that you can support a new business without spending any money?

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Love Somers.