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Slow down the fashion trends

The way consumers are drawn to the current trends distinctly impacts their clothing choices. There is no arguing that fashion is used to express ourselves, our identity and even mental well-being. You could even go so far to say what we wear is how we want others to perceive us and how we see ourselves.

Personally I think it’s essential that people have their own individual opinions and style. Yet from what I have found there seems to be a barrier of positive self-belief and confidence in order to get a definite answer of what their own consumer style is.  Fashion has been known to create a barrier between those that are on ‘trend’ and those who aren’t. Society huh?!

Wearing clothes that we are comfortable in can positively affect our mental state. Think about yourself, what is your go to outfit? Are you choosing this out of comfort or because it’s the latest style? How often have you picked up your heels lately in comparison to your flats? Choosing your own style over trends will provide you with an ease of confidence.

Slow fashion isn’t just throwing away trends it also considers how our clothing is impacting the environment, treatment of people, pay, occupational health standards of garment workers and the effects it has on our community.

I believe that consumer education is the starting point for change. If consumers continue to follow trends and buy fast fashion then of course the large companies will continue! It’s called mass consumption. Fashion revolution and alike are creating positive movement towards slow fashion by calling out these greenwashing companies who make millions a year, yet still are not paying the full price throughout the entire design, production and consumption stage.

A popular quote by Vivienne Westwood, ‘Buy less, choose well and make it last’, I think could be tag line to slow fashion and a clear way to describe to consumers.


Here is how Somers is contributing to slow fashion:

- We have chosen a non-traditional fashion business model

- Small boutique collections 

- Timeless designs over trends

- Versatility and longevity

- Doing what makes us happy! 

Sustainable slow fashion isn’t a trend, it’s our future.


In my opinion, Kate.