Ethically made in New Zealand

Our Story

sketched women with clothes rack

Somers designs boutique, ethical New Zealand made clothing while maintaining a holistic balance to all.

Somers was carefully launched to help make our difference on the ever-changing world. To think of our people, our planet and our products first.
We are creating boutique collections to reduce excess waste, manufacturing in New Zealand to support our local industry and aiming to use natural and recycled fabrics. Providing a positive and affordable choice, Somers strives to make decisions throughout our circular journey that match our holistic goals.

We encourage our consumers to think about their purchases, and share our passion for the environment and sustainable lifestyles for our future generations. This is our sense of purpose.

Somers timeless designs are not restricted to seasons. Consciously designed with a focus on neutral colours and easy to wear shapes for a variety of body types. Garments that complement existing pieces in your wardrobe and are simple to repair. Designed for New Zealand women.

Kate grew up on her family farm in Canterbury understanding the importance reducing waste, using what you have while living within your means. She understands feminine, minimalist styles that is driven through Somers designs. 

We are so happy you’re here!