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Care and Repair

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We believe consumers should think about what they are purchasing and how it is made. We do not follow trends, styles or seasons. We the find joy in items we already own. When the need arises to replace an item the questions we ask ourselves are:


If you can't answer by following the arrows, wait another week and see if you still need it! 

Caring for your clothing

Our top tips:

  • To avoid laundry disasters, follow the care instructions on the clothing itself
  • Do not wash your clothes as often, airing your clothes out between wearing helps to keep them fresh. Natural fibres love to breathe!
  • Store your clothes tidily
  • Don't hang cotton as it may stretch. Fold along seams instead
  • Do hang linen to assist with decreasing the wrinkles
  • Follow the care tags for ironing recommendations
  • If your garment is delicate, treat it delicately!
  • Dress after you finish your hair and make up to prevent any spills
  • Empty your pockets before washing! No one wants a tissue explosion 
  • Close zippers or fasteners to prevent the fabric catching
  • Avoid dryers as the heat will begin to break down the fibres

Repairing instead of replacing

Repairing or reinventing your clothing is giving that loved piece another life to keep it in circulation! 

Somers designs are simple in hope that they are easier for our customers to repair themselves or to take to a local tailor. Often our elder generation is full of knowledge. It could be a great excuse to visit and get their advice! 

We will begin to create blogs on simple repairs! Stay tuned ...