Ethically made in New Zealand


Somers has developed our sustainable pathway and goals to help be accountable for our actions. We aim to be transparent as we continue to grow. Our goals are specific to our Company and personal beliefs.

If you are interested in our journey please view our October 2020 report here

Thoughts and passion driving our decision making

We are building our brand around consumer care and thought behind consumption. We focus on what people actually need, rather than what they desire. Choices are provided through designing clothes that are:

  • Multi-functional
  • Durable
  • Repairable
  • High quality
  • Timeless 

As a company we see value in focusing on the people, planet and product.

We acknowledge that fundamentally the process of clothing creation is non-sustainable, with the potential to have a negative environmental impact. However, Somers strives to provide a better option. We challenge the thinking behind ‘fast fashion’ consumption, by providing garments in an everyday wardrobe that are designed to last.

Our sustainable goals reflect that we will continue to research and find unique ways to better achieve this. There are a number of wonderful people in New Zealand, and all over the world, doing remarkable things towards similar goals — which rocks! We believe every little bit counts and continue to do our part. 

Mindful Fashion NZ 

Somers is a proud member of Mindful Fashion NZ. It is an organisation that promotes leading change within the New Zealand Fashion Industry, not only with circular models, but with ethical business structure.
Read more about Mindful Fashion NZ here

Common Objective

Somers is a member of Common Objective. This is an international intelligent business network for the fashion industry. Their vision is a world in which business works better for everyone. And the planet. This aligns with our own goals!
Read more about Common Objective here.